Accommodating need special student

Adapt evaluations to meet the needs of the student.This may involve using a reader or scribe, reformatting the test, reducing literacy rates, etc.A cognitive impairment is defines as the difficulty in thinking, concentration, reacting to emotions, formulating ideas, problem solving, reasoning, and memory within a student.Cognitive impairments are also referred to as mental retardation, mental handicap, developmental disability, etc.

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Cerebral palsy, often referred to simply as CP, can range from mild to severe and often affects a child’s intellect, learning, speech, and vision.

Create short stories so that the student understands the rules and potential consequences if they are broken.

Giving the student a pamphlet of these statements may help.

I am a fourth-grade regular education teacher and recently a student was placed in my class who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

She has an aide with her but I have never had a student with cerebral palsy before and the only thing I know about her is what I learned during a twenty-minute meeting with her parents and the school psychologist. This is not an uncommon situation in today’s schools.

Dates and times will likely grow confusing, especially without any significant differentiation between less important events; ensure that the student feels engaged in the activities so as to not lose focus.

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